About The Blog

I’ve decided to title my journal “Polishing Rough Thoughts” as a reference to a big problem I had in both of my AP English classes, or any class that had timed writings in class. I never wrote enough for my teachers, despite writing well. My Type A personality refused to write anything until I was absolutely, 100 percent sure that I had it exactly like I wanted. Of course, that was time consuming and I never could satisfy the minimum amount needed.

I still have that problem in my everyday life. So this blog is a bit of a challenge from God to let those things go, to accept that mistakes are not things to be avoided but embraced. After all, we cannot learn from our mistakes if we never make them in the first place.

Usually when I blog, I proofread three or four times. However, God has revealed to me that I tend to edit out myself on these passthroughs. He wants my raw ideas, just with polished up grammar for others to read.

In other words, He desires free flowing thoughts from me. And so, here they come!

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