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January 13, Job 30-31: Job concludes rebuttal #8

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I know a friend who has a marvelous ability not to let you get a single word in when he’s arguing (yep, he’s a lawyer). It’s the way he talks combined with his facial expressions and body gestures. I guess a lot of people would find this annoying, but I actually like it because that means I do less talking and more listening.

I imagine Job’s friends were in a similar situation. They wanted to interrupt but could not get a word in edgewise against the acutely loquacious Job.

In chapter 30, Job reveals he now feels like an outcast. The son of men who he had disdained now in turn disdained him. Job cries out to God every night, but God cruelly regards his plight with indifference. No, in fact, God attacks Job.

Job 30:21-22 says:
21 You turn on me ruthlessly;
with the might of your hand you attack me.
22 You snatch me up and drive me before the wind;
you toss me about in the storm.

Chapter 31 begins with Job continuing to cling to his blamelessness. And it starts with a verse that I remember having to memorize in youth.

Job 31:1 says:
1 “I made a covenant with my eyes
not to look lustfully at a young woman.

Job continues to wonder where he is to blame for his troubles. If Job’s heart had ever been enticed by another woman, then may his wife grind other men’s grain and sleep with them. If he denied the poor food, denied travelers rest, denied justice to his servants and maids, then he could be blamed. But if God weighed Job on honest scales, Job claims he would be blameless.

We know Job is finished because the Bible tells us, “The words of Job are ended.” (Job 31:40)

Question: Do you know anybody who talks in a way that doesn’t allow others to say anything? Have you ever clung to your own version of blamelessness?

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