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January 11th, Job 22-26: Job’s rebuttals #7 and 8

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Most arguments end in three ways. First, the participants storm off and nothing gets resolved. Second, the participants agree to a half-hearted compromise which gets broken at first oppotunity. Third, the participants get to the core of the matter and come up with solutions.

Job and his friends are looking at option one or option three at this point.

Chapter 22 contains Eliphaz’s response and a direct accusation of Job being a wicked man. Job took clothes off men’s backs, refused to to give water to the weary, demanded security from his brothers for no reason despite being a wealthy man. Eliphaz urges Job to submit to God, so that Job may be at peace with God.

Job’s response? He does not know where to turn to find God. Nope, Job cannot find God in the east. The same holds true for the north, west, and south. If only he could find God, Job could explain his case in a satisfactory method before God.

Furthermore, why do the godly wait for justice? Job ponders this in the next chapter, as he details the wrongdoings of his times. And yet God still does not smite them.

Bildad reminds Job that “Dominion and awe belong to God” (Job 25:2).

Ah, but Job replies with anguish. The advice his friends offer is merely common wisdom, nothing Job couldn’t have found on the streets.

Job 26:6 says:
6 Death is naked before God;
Destruction lies uncovered.

In other words, Job wants his friends to tell him something he doesn’t already know.

Questions: Has a friend ever asked you to submit yourself before God? What was your reaction if you have, or what do you think your reaction would be if it happened in the future?

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