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January 7th, Job 8-10: Bildad replies, Job’s rebuttal #2

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Do you recall what was said after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans five years ago? Well, there were actually two things said. First, God must be punishing the heathens in New Orleans with all their Mardi Gras shenanigans. Secondly, God must not exist because He allowed all those churches to be destroyed.

We often succumb to the human temptation of trying to understand God’s mind. What a foolish notion—God’s infinite wisdom and omniscience is beyond our understanding. Keep that in mind while you read through Job.

After Job questions God in response to Elpihaz’s words, Bildad replies. He implores Job to remember that God blesses those are upright and blameless.

Job 8:5-7 says:
5 But if you will seek God earnestly
and plead with the Almighty,
6 if you are pure and upright,
even now he will rouse himself on your behalf
and restore you to your prosperous state.
7 Your beginnings will seem humble,
so prosperous will your future be.

In the next chapter, Job has a familiar rebuttal to Bildad’s points. How can man even have a chance to dispute God? He is the Creator, and man questioning the Creator is futile. Even if God granted him a trial, Job feels like it wouldn’t be a fair one. In fact, God punishes both the wicked and blameless.

Job 9:22 says:
22 It is all the same; that is why I say,
‘He destroys both the blameless and the wicked.’

Job continues to wonder why he has been condemned. He wonders what charge God has against him, what he could have possibly done to anger God so. And again, Job curses the day of his birth.

Job 10:18-19 says:
18 “Why then did you bring me out of the womb?
I wish I had died before any eye saw me.
19 If only I had never come into being,
or had been carried straight from the womb to the grave!

Question: What were your feelings about Katrina? Have you ever felt that God was indifferent to the blameless and the wicked?

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