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January 3rd, Genesis 7-9: The Flood

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With all the hoopla over the doomsday predictions of 2012, this was an interesting read. I wonder how long it would take to gather two of each animal in today’s world. Also note that the NIV version of the Bible uses the term “male and its mate” rather than “male and female”.

The Bible tells us Noah was six hundred years old when the floodwaters came. Rain fell for forty days and forty nights. That must have been rather depressing, I remember a time we got ansy when there was two consecutive weeks of cloudy weather, though even then the sun peeked out every once in awhile. Forty days of raining would be plain miserable, especially with the smells of all the animals in the ark.

The pairs of animals began filling up the ark. One of the most interesting stories I heard growing up is that the Noah couldn’t close the door to the ark, because it says in Genesis 7:16 that “The Lord shut him in.” That is to say, God closed the door to the ark, something Noah and his family could not have done on their own.

That’s the mark of great faith, leaping before looking. I would have totally questioned the fact that the ark lacked a mechanism to close the door. But not Noah, who did all the Lord commanded. Furthermore, the Bible does not indicate Noah’s doubt in this situation, so it is very likely he maximized his time following God’s instructions instead of wasting time analyzing them.

So the waters flooded the Earth for 150 days.

God sent a wind, and the waters receded and Noah’s ark found the mountains of Ararat. And then we get the tale of the raven and dove, with the dove eventually finding an olive leaf.

(Linguistically, this is where the term “offering an olive branch” comes from. A popular symbol of eace is a dove carrying an olive branch.)

Then God commanded Noah to leave the ark along with the animals, to be fruitful and multiply. Then God promises never again to use a flood to destroy all living creatures.

God gives a directive not to eat anything that still has lifeblood in it, which I am assuming to mean not to eat things raw (a healthy suggestion).

God makes the covenant, and the rainbow will be proof.

At the very end is an odd story about Noah planting a vineyard and getting drunk. Ham, the father of Canaan, merely told his brothers about his father’s nakedness. Shem and Japheth, though, took a garment and covered their father.

Of note is that Shem and Japeth walked backwards, so they would not see their father’s nakedness. They even turned their faces the other way.

So Canaan is cursed, while the other brothers are blessed.

Noah lived 350 years after the flood, for a total of a whopping 950 years.

Discussion questions: Has the Lord ever warned you of danger? How did you weather the storm?

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