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January 2nd, Genesis 4-6: Cain and Abel, Noah

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After original sin, there comes sibling rivalry. Well, before that we get the classic Biblical euphemism “laying” with one’s wife.

Cain was the elder brother, Abel the younger. Cain offered the Lord some of his fruit, while Abel offered the fatty portions of his firstborn flock. Cain became displeased when the Lord looked at Abel’s offering with favor but not his own.

But did Cain have a right to be angry? Who better serves the Lord, those who give a generic portion of their fruit or those who give the best part of their flock?

The Lord even warned that sin was beating at the door of Cain’s heart. Did Cain heed the words of the Lord? Nope, and as a consequence the ground will no longer yield crops for him.

After murdering Abel, Cain even lies to God about knowing the whereabouts of his brother. For that, he is doomed to be a restless wanderer on the Earth.

What I find interesting is that Cain is afraid of being killed by somebody else. Some time after departing Eden, the Lord must have filled the world with people, yet I can’t find direct reference to it in the book of Genesis. I guess it’s one of those things I had to figure out for myself.

And then we get into the descendant lines. Imagine living 900 years! Of course, the water and air was purer then than it is now.

The Bible often introduces men as the “son of _________”. We even dip into 1st Chronicles for a little bit to detail the line that of Noah. Of course, we know this chain will eventually lead to the Son of God.

Another point of contention is the mention of the Nephilim. They were the “sons of God went to the daughers of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.” I’ve seen all sorts of crazy theories on the Nephliim, one of the most memorable being the theory that the legends of Greek and Roman myth were based on the Nephilim. I’m not sure myself.

In any case, men multiply and out of the line of Adam comes a man named Noah, “a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God.” How awesome is that? He walked with God.

Ominously, the Earth had become corrupted and full of violence. Though it hadn’t rained, the Lord commanded Noah to build an ark, complete with specifications. And, in the end, Noah did what the Lord commanded him to.

Questions from this reading: What’s your solution to rectifying jealousy in your life? Has the Lord ever commanded you to do something crazy, off-the-beaten path?

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