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January 1st, Genesis 1-3: Creation, Adam and Eve

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For January 1st, I was supposed to read Genesis 1-2, the story of creation.  For those of us who grew up in church, it’s a story we’ve heard plenty of times.  For those who have not, the reference of Adam and Eve is so ubiquitous that it’s acknowledged as a part of pop culture.

One of the themes that comes out of creation is the idea that God created things on purpose.  With the advent of quantum mechanics, there’s been much discussion about how life randomly came to be, a happy series of accidents, if you will.  Genesis tells us otherwise.  God had a plan, He created light where there was none before.  He separated water from the sky and land from the water.  He created life and animals.  And of course, He created man.

[Note:  I will use man to refer to humankind, for the linguistically minded among you.]

We are told that God built the universe in seven days.  It’s kind of strange though, God rested on the seven day.  Hence you have movies like Six Days (starring the Governantor) make oblique references to the power of God.  I remember thinking, why did God need to rest on the seventh day, if He is omnipotent?

The clue is that He made man on the sixth day, and He saw that it was very good.  He rested on the seventh day.  Man is made in God’s image, but lacks God’s infinite power and wisdom.  Putting two and two together, God resting sets an example for man to rest as well.

Believe it or not, that’s a tough message for me.  I tend to be am a Type A, OCD workaholic type.  Rest?  That’s being inefficient.

Yet, God indicates He wants us to rest.  See, I’m the type of person who believes that when I leave something, the people I leave behind won’t be able to function without me.  But it should be the opposite, I should hope that if I ever leave something, the people left behind can cover for me.

Then it gets into the account of Adam and Eve, which is a point of contention with feminists over the portrayal of women bringing in original sin.  I’m not sure about that, but I do know that things were easier back then.

Yes, things are easier when we follow God’s rules.  So why do we disobey?  Unfortunately, we’ve got these serpents in our lives who convince us to rationalize sin.

But there are consequences for our sins.  Women bear great pain in childbirth, and men must till the fields that much harder to grow life nourishing crops.

My questions for you today out of this reading is this:  Have there been times you refused rest, even though it would have been better for you to rest?  What kind of serpents do you see in the world today?

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